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Ketchikan Helicopters is your solution to exploring Alaska!

No other vehicle can provide a more incredible viewing experience than a Ketchikan Tour Helicopter. Our helicopters in Ketchikan serve our patrons with both the highest degree of modern technology and seasoned direction of our professional pilots.

Imagine climbing up through glacier fiords without a single blister, or even a drop of sweat? Let Ketchikan Helicopters do the hard work…you just sit back and enjoy. The efficiency of our tour helicopters make things possible that most could not imagine…and with extra time to get back to your port so you can brag about how cool it was to hover beside an 800 ft. waterfall!

Bear viewing in Alaska and glacier landings is our passion, Ketchikan Helicopters provides our guests with the unique ability to hover…oh yeah! We can stop in mid-air to watch salmon spawning upstream or to capture an award winning photograph of a wolf pack on a hunt!

Fly in our new R-44 Raven Helicopter!

Totem Falls Landing Adventure

This unique trip includes the Ketchikan Fjords flight and adds a landing deep within the Totem Falls Valley… home to the 1000 ft falls.

Ketchikan Fjords

Travel back in time to a land created 10,000 years ago by the last ice age. This wilderness has a striking resemblance to the famous Misty Fjords National Monument.

Helicopter Fishing

Our helicopter will bring you to the most prolific watersheds in Alaska. Access to these amazing waters is not possible by any other means, even by seaplane.

Alpine Hiking

Walk through the free tundra and discover Alaska. We offer this exploratory hiking trip to those that want to get to real wilderness. This is an amazing adventure!

Wildlife Quest

Why not let us turn the percent voltage up a notch and bring you to where we know the wildlife live! This flight lands at habitat frequented by many of Alaska’s big game.

Helicopter Charters

We are available to suit all your helicopter charter needs with the only turbo charged piston helicopter in Ketchikan, cutting your costs, but not performance!

Ketchikan Helicopters wins the Golden Totem Award for 2014-2015!

Each year the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau recognizes its membership and the community for their special achievements in the industry. The organizations or individuals that would be worthy recipients of those annual awards are nominated by our community members. Each award has specific criteria.

THE GOLDEN TOTEM AWARD: Presented to the individual or organization who has demonstrated the highest innovation and cooperative efforts in working with Ketchikan’s visitor industry.