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Heli flying in snow covered mountains
Helicopter Tours in Ketchikan
and Juneau evolved for one reason...
there is no better way
to see Alaska!

Flying Helicopters in Ketchikan is the ultimate experience … Let our Helicopter give you the finest tour in Ketchikan!

If your coming all the way to Alaska why not give your family the platform to truley see it!  Ketchikan Helicopter services are conducted by a family of professionals that specialize in putting a smile on your face.

Photo by Chip Porter




Heli flying through forestKetchikan Helicopters is your solution to exploring Alaska! 

No other vehicle can provide a more incredible viewing experience than a Ketchikan tour Helicopter.  Our Helicopters in Ketchikan serve our patrons with both the highest degree of modern technology and seasoned direction of our professional pilots.

Imagine climbing up through glacier fiords without a single blister, or even a drop of sweat?  Let Ketchikan Helicopters do the hard work…you just sit back and enjoy.  The efficiency of our tour helicopters make things possible that most could not imagine…and with extra time to get back to your port so you can brag about how cool it was to hover beside an 800ft waterfall!  

Photo by Chip Porter



Bear viewing in Alaska and Glacier landings is our passion,
Ketchikan Helicopters provides our guests with the unique ability
to hover…oh yeah! We can stop in mid-air to watch salmon spawning
upstream or to capture an award winning photograph of a
wolf pack on a hunt!




heli in the snow
Why Ketchikan Heli Tours?

Our helicopters provide incredible access and filming opportunities!   Helicopters in Alaska perform miracles… but don’t forget plain old fun too! What any tour helicopter lacks in cabin space, is easily made up by our level of old-fashioned and personalized service. With just a few guests per trip, we have created a private atmosphere for exclusive guests!

 “ If we are not friends before your trip together in our helicopters…we will be afterwards! “

Ryan McCue, Owner/Pilot.

Photo by Chip Porter







All Tours include a pick-up and drop-off at the
Cruise Ship Dock in our Courtesy Vehicle pictured below.

Ketchikan Helicopter Truck


Helicopter Tour Gift Cerificates Available!


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Ketchikan Helicopters

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Call us toll free 1-855-858-HELI (4354)
with any questions or email