Welcome to Ketchikan Helicopter Tours!

Ketchikan Helicopter Tours are your solution to exploring Alaska! Our tours are designed with our cruise-ship visitors in mind. We’ll pick you up at the dock and get you back in plenty of time, so you can brag about how cool it was to hover beside an 800-foot waterfall!

No other vehicle provides a more incredible viewing experience than a Ketchikan Tour Helicopter. Flying out of Ketchikan, Alaska, we serve our patrons with the highest degree of modern technology and safety. Our professional pilots provide seasoned direction, deep knowledge of Alaskan wilderness and wildlife, and great delight in sharing the land they love.

There is no better platform from which to see Alaska. It’s an incredibly smooth ride, and it’s basically all window; it’s like being in an Imax movie, not just watching it.

Imagine gliding up fjords without a single blister or drop of sweat, or soaring to the top of immense waterfalls. Let Ketchikan Helicopters do the hard work…you just sit back and enjoy a thrilling ride and breath-taking scenery.

Ketchikan Helicopters provides our guests with the unique ability to hover.
Whether it’s six feet or six hundred feet up, we can stop in mid-air to:

  • Watch salmon spawning upstream (and bears eating them)
  • Capture an award-winning photograph of a wolf pack on the hunt
  • Find and watch sea wildlife, including whales and sea lions
  • Soar over prehistoric glaciers
  • Cater to your individual interests and desires

We offer tours to appeal to five general areas of interest. Or call us for a charter trip, and we’ll custom-design to your wishes! Whatever the tour, you won’t soon forget the snowcapped mountains that look close enough to touch, right out your window; the glacial valleys, icy blue lakes, and amazing waterfalls await you.

  • Ride the Mountain Goat. Agile, rugged, close up and personal way to see Alaska. Optional land excursions available.
  • Ketchikan Fjords. This one-hour tour gives you a taste of the Misty Fjords National Monument–without the two-hour travel time.
  • Helicopter Fishing. A fast, thrilling ride to optimize your fishing time and location.
  • Wilderness Hike. Up to the tundra without breaking a sweat: this is the hike of a lifetime.
  • Wildlife Quest. This one is for the animal lovers: see our beautiful wildlife living free.

Fly in our new R-44 Raven Helicopter!


Ride the Mountain Goat

This unique trip exposes you to the full impact of the vastness of the wilderness. Add a landing excursion to customize your trip.

Ketchikan Fjords

Travel back in time to a land created thousands of years ago by the last ice age. This wilderness has a striking resemblance to the famous Misty Fjords National Monument.

Helicopter Fishing

Spend a day catch-and-release fishing the most prolific watersheds in Alaska. Access to these amazing waters is not possible by any other means, even by seaplane.

Wilderness Hike

Walk through the free tundra and discover Alaska. We offer this exploratory hiking trip to those that want to get to real wilderness. This is an amazing adventure!

Wildlife Quest

We know where the wildlife live! This flight lands at habitat frequented by many of Alaska’s big game.

Helicopter Charters

We are available to suit all your helicopter charter needs with the only turbo charged piston helicopter in Ketchikan, cutting your costs and upping the performance.