Ketchikan Helicopter Tours invites you to fly over the Alaskan wilderness with our family and team!

Experience the beauty of our home, Ketchikan, Alaska and the Tongass National Forest.


Our family: Karley, Kale, Loren, Ryan, Reilly, Ruby, and Dotty, our dog.

If you’re coming all the way to Alaska why not give your family the best platform to truly see it? You won’t find a smoother ride or more intimate way to see a wilderness few are privileged to experience.

Ketchikan Helicopters is run by a family of flying professionals that specialize in putting a smile on your face.

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THE GOLDEN TOTEM AWARD: Presented to the individual or organization who has demonstrated the highest innovation and cooperative efforts in working with Ketchikan’s visitor industry. Ketchikan Helicopters won!


Ryan McCue

McCue is a certified Alaskan Guide. Like the travelers he caters to, Ryan is drawn to wilderness that remains untouched by the hands of man. He originally founded our company, RdM Pilot/Guide, to ensure his future working in the most remote areas of Alaska.

Ryan has logged over 15,000 hours Alaska Flying Time throughout the Arctic and Southeast Alaska. He has a perfect safety record, and safety will always be his first priority.

He is also a commercial seaplane pilot and a certified fixed wing and rotorcraft flight instructor.

Ryan’s love for this country has taken him many places, including the world of Alaskan Big Game Guiding. Ryan is a registered Big Game Guide and has guided primarily brown bear hunts, although he has also guided moose, black bear, and caribou hunts.

Ryan is an avid outdoorsman and loves spending time with his family in the wilderness!


Loren McCue

Ryan could never run this operation by himself, and relies heavily on his wife, Loren McCue, both as a business partner and mother of his children.

Loren came to Alaska 15 years ago on vacation, fell in love with the country, and never left. She has worked as a graphic designer here in Ketchikan for the past 12 years, designing logos, brochures, and promotional packages for many local businesses.

Loren designed our logo, van, t-shirts, hats, brochures, and all of our advertisements. She also teaches art at a local elementary school during the winter months.

She is the creative side of our Alaska Seaplane Tours family.

Together, Loren and Ryan work hard trying to spend time doing what they love – pioneering the Alaskan Bush! When they’re not working, they’re fishing, camping, hiking, and flying with their children.