We offer the only turbo-charged piston Helicopter in Ketchikan – Robinson R-44 Raven II – cutting your costs without decreasing performance.

We are available to suit all your helicopter charter needs. With our fixed-wing support, we can haul fuel drums for remote helicopter service, haul people or equipment, hover for the ultimate ariel photography, or do any job you can think of!

We’ve been dedicated to providing professional flight services to the last frontier since 1998.

To inquire about charter rates call
(907) 225-4354
or email info@ketchikanhelicopters.com

Ketchikan Helicopter flight services include:

General Charter

Transport of key personnel locally and Alaska-wide. We service all of Alaska at any permissible helicopter landing location.

Survey Trips

High and low level survey for any type of operation; geological surveys, mineral exploration, animal counts, and more.

Lifting and Construction

Aerial lift support into remote LZs. We can assist with the construction of buildings and towers in remote areas with limited access. Part 133 Certification enables us to utilize class A external loads.


Wildlife biology, transport of personnel, aerial, geological, and animal surveys: no job too big or small!

Photography and Filming

Ketchikan Helicopters is experienced in High Definition, Gyro-stabilized film work. Our Enstrom turbo F-28F is a perfect platform for this type of work, and is compatible with most camera systems and mounts. We can put you in the perfect position to capture a special photograph or to film a motion picture.

Communications Support

Transport to remote locations for maintenance or construction of towers and communication equipment.

Energy Support

We specialize in power line survey and maintenance with our modern helicopters and experienced crew.

Forestry Support

Transport of key personnel, forest health surveying, fire fighting support, security matters. We also provide rapid response for machinery breakdowns, all at very competitive prices.

Police, Search and Rescue

We are able to cater for the following search and rescue services: missing persons, transport of search crews, ELT/spot tracking, and team transport.

Concept Development

We’re always exploring new ways to utilize the helicopter. With our experience and equipment, we will custom-design a solution to whatever needs you bring.

  • Maximum useful load: 888 pounds
  • Capacity: pilot and two passengers
  • @one-hour fuel plus reserve
  • 200.10lbs baggage
  • 90mph cruise
  • 229nm range
  • Three-bladed rotor system
  • 225hp turbo lycoming
  • 12,000=foot service ceiling
  • External load baskets
  • High skids
  • Doors on/off
  • $800.00 per/hr charter

Helicopter charter or contract is available statewide.
Every job is possible with Ketchikan Helicopters!

To inquire about charter rates call
(907) 225-4354
or email info@ketchikanhelicopters.com

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To inquire about charter rates call
(907) 225-4354
or email info@ketchikanhelicopters.com

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations by Ketchikan Helicopters:
If the weather conditions make flying unsafe on the day of the trip, Ketchikan Helicopters will cancel the flight. This is the pilot’s decision and all fees will be refunded.

Cancellation by the customer:
Cancellations 14 days prior to your tour date are fully refundable, less a $25.00 processing or tour change fee.
Cancellations with less than 14 days notice, or no shows, are non-refundable.

Our goal is to give you the value you deserve. We do our best to accommodate any of your schedule changes if possible.